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Customer Care

Our concern, first and foremost, is our customers. That is why we have set a list of service standards that each of our employees follows.


+Special Holiday Schedule

    G-Men ES, Inc. will be observing the following holidays in 2024:

  • New Year’s Day (Observed Monday 1/1/2024) – Service will be one day later for all customers, except Friday, this week.
  • Memorial Day (Observed Monday 5/27/2024) – Service will be one day later for all customers, except Friday, this week.
  • Independence Day (Observed Thursday 7/4/2024) – Monday-Wednesday customers will not be affected.  Thursday and Friday customers will be serviced on Friday this week.
  • Labor Day (Observed Monday 9/2/2024) – Service will be one day later for all customers, except Friday, this week.
  • Thanksgiving Day (Observed Thursday 11/28/2024) – Thursday & Friday customers will be serviced Friday, November 29th.
  • Christmas Day (Observed Wednesday 12/25/2024) – Monday & Tuesday customers will not be affected.  Thursday and Friday customers will be serviced on Friday this week.


+Safety and Appearance

  • We will work safely to protect ourselves, our customers and the public.
  • We will wear proper and appropriate personal protective equipment.
  • We will wear clean uniforms and clothing at the start of each day.
  • We will take pride in the appearance of our vehicles and in our workplace.

+Service and Delivery

  • All routes will be serviced on the day they are scheduled.
  • Any missed service will be picked up by end of business day or next business day as long as the call is received before 3:00 p.m.
  • We will make every effort to deliver your roll-cart(s) by the date agreed upon at the time of order.

+Communicating with Our Customers and Employees

  • We will communicate in a professional manner with all customers and fellow employees.
  • Our Customer Care Team will provide a “One Call Does It All” approach to our customer’s inquiries.
  • We will do what we can to accommodate your disposal needs.
  • If the customer is acting in an unprofessional manner, we will engage a manager to ensure our employees are treated with dignity and respect.
  • We will have total communication within and between departments to support customers and differentiate our service.


+Delivery of New Containers

  • All containers will be clean, fresh and clearly marked with company decals and phone numbers.
  • Delivery will be made on the due date.

+Extra Pickups and Overloaded Containers

  • Driver will call the G-Men dispatch office and ask dispatch to notify the customer of an overloaded container and educate the customer regarding safe capacity levels.

+Blocked Containers

  • Blocked containers will not be serviced until the customer’s next scheduled collection date. Arrangements may be made for special pick-up, however, additional charges may apply. Please contact the G-Men office.



Looking for the best in waste management in the Iron Range? Our collection services are available in all of the following areas of Northeastern Minnesota:

Service Areas:

  • Britt
  • Virginia
  • Eveleth
  • Gilbert
  • Lake Esquagama
  • Mountain Iron
  • Hibbing
  • Chisholm
  • Makinen
  • Fayal Township
  • Iron
  • Wouri Township
  • Forbes
  • Ely
  • Babbitt
  • Tower/ Soudan
  • Lake Vermilion
  • Winton
  • Fall Lake Township
  • Embarrass
  • Aurora
  • Biwabik
  • Hoyt Lakes
  • Cook
  • Angora

Don’t see your area listed? Give us a call at (218)74.WASTE to find out if we are in an area near you.

Frequently Asked Questions



We have built our reputation on consistency of performance and responsiveness to customer needs. Being locally owned and operated, we have a strong interested in your level of satisfaction with our service. We believe we are uniquely positioned to be of service to you, your company or community and the environment in which we live. Exceptional customer service has been the foundation of our business for over 40 years. We greatly appreciate your commitment to support a local business.

You expect certain tasks to be carried out as part of any trash removal service. We want you to except more. It is of utmost importance that our organization, top to bottom, shows you the best professionalism and customer service possible. We’re a service business and we take that to heart.

Clean, well-maintained, DOT-certified trucks highlight our commitment to the residential market. Our professional uniformed and trained drivers operate with efficiency, practicality and courtesy. We pride ourselves on providing personal, quality collection services.

The pickup time may vary by location, season and weather but having your carts out by 6:00 a.m. on your collection day will ensure service.

+Q. How do I schedule a special pick-up for large or bulky items?

Please contact us at info@gmenes.com or call us at (218)74.WASTE to schedule a special pick-up. To learn more about G-Men’s special pick-ups, click here.

+Q. Does my trash have to be bagged in the roll cart?

Yes, your garbage should be bagged and set in your cart or container. This is to keep your cart or container clean and will eliminate future odor problems.

+Q. My trash is overflowing, will I be charged?

Roll carts propped up no more than three inches will not garner additional charges. Lids raised more than three are considered “overfull” and would incur an additional charge. Charges will be given for small or large bags on top of or beside the roll cart.

+Q. How do I pay my bill?

  • If paying with a check or money order, please send this to P.O. Box 269, Ely, MN 55731.
  • Recurring Payment is available for those who prefer to pay for service by debit or credit card.

+Q. What’s wrong with using a burn barrel?

Proximity to animal feed and food crops creates a serious risk to our food supply. Backyard burning contributes to nearly half of all wildfires in Minnesota each years. Largest remaining source of dioxin,a potent carcinogen, as well as other health and environmental risks.

To learn more information about burn barrels click here.

+Q. Do you have any dumpster winter tips?

  • Close dumpster lids.
  • Clear a path to your dumpsters.
  • Do not block access to dumpster with snow.
  • Salt around corral pins.


+Q. What should I do with my hazardous waste?

  • Click here to find out how to dispose of hazardous waste in St. Louis County.


+Q. Does G-Men offer recycling services?

G-Men handles waste disposal and does not currently offer curbside collection for recycling in St. Louis County. To learn more about recycling locations in St. Louis County, click here.